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Lambo Doors on an F150 

1998 Ford F150 w/ Decah Lambo Doors 
F150 Lamobo 

Lambo Doors on 1998 F150 
Next Project 

The Truck We Want to Hook Up 
1976 Chevy C10 Scottsdale 

22x9.5 KTP 600 w/Falken 285-40-22 
Escalade on 22's 

Baaccarat Phangs 22x9.5 w/305-40-22 MC Avenger ST 
Harley f150 

F150 Harley SuperCrew w/Stainless Door Handles 
John Petty 

John's S10 w 20' Edge wheels, Bags & plenty more 
2001 SCrew 

2001 Ford Supercrew on 22" Helo Xplodes 
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